1st Urgent Care Trip

Baby girl just can’t catch a break. Reflux and now this…she woke up from her afternoon nap yesterday and had a bunch of green stuff in her eye which was weird so then I started looking at it closer and her eye was super watery and then it started to get a little red/bloodshot looking. I watched it for an hour while googling before calling the dr who said it sounded like an eye infection but unfortunately they didn’t have any openings and to go to urgent care. Ug. I am so sick of drs offices.

Chris was in New York for work (yes, I managed to make it through my 1st night alone with her) but luckily my stepmom was on her way down from Seattle so I waited for her to get here, then we grabbed dinner and then we headed out.

Unfortunately Garrity was not happy at this point. She hadn’t been nursing very well and she hadn’t slept so you add that plus her eye and it was a recipe for a disaster. She screamed while we were there. Inconsolable screaming. I’d never seen her like that. The nurse was super concerned and kept checking for a fever which she didn’t have thank goodness (a fever in a baby under 3 months old is an automatic trip to the ER for a spinal tap to rule out sepsis).

We tried sugar water to calm her down and nothing. I tried nursing and she wouldn’t have it. It was then the dr said if she didn’t calm down they were sending us to the ER for blood/lab work that I tried nursing again and finally she latched on and drank and after that she was mostly calmed down. They diagnosed her with conjunctivitis and sent us home with a prescription for erythromycin and told me to follow up with my dr.

By this time it was 9, she was mostly calmed down so we drove over to the 24 hr rite aid to fill it but it was going to take an hour so we drove home, I fed her again and got her to sleep and my stepmom watched her while I drove back out and picked up her prescription.

We’ve now done two rounds of the ointment and I just tried some breastmilk in her eyes (heard that from a few friends) and now I’m chilling at the DMV to renew my license while my step mom watches her. She’s sleeping now but hopefully isn’t too fussy when she wakes up. The ointment is suppose to work within 3 days so I’m crossing my fingers.

This whole mom thing is so hard. It’s hard to watch my baby be in pain. It’s hard to know what’s the right course of treatment to take (I hate that she’s 7 weeks old and using antibiotics). It’s hard because I’m blaming myself for exposing Garrity to germs…I feel like I didn’t do a good enough job of protecting her..it’s just hard to know that I can’t fix her. .I know this is just one of many things like this I’ll have to endure and I keep hoping that all of this is making both of us stronger but man, it sucks to go through it.

Think good thoughts for my baby girl and let me know if you’ve ever tried the breast milk trick.




Garrity’s Newborn Photos

We had these taken on March 9th but I’m just now getting around to posting them.  I am absolutely in love with them and re-looking at them now makes me so sad.  How has my little girl grown so much since then??  Thanks again to Lyndsey Sammons Photography for capturing yet another big life moment.  We love you!

IMG_4275 IMG_4282-2 IMG_4291 IMG_4294-2 IMG_4303-2 IMG_4306-2 IMG_4315 IMG_4322 IMG_4327 IMG_4355 IMG_4368 IMG_4371-2 IMG_4380 IMG_4393 IMG_4394 IMG_4589-2 IMG_4594 IMG_4418-Edit-3 IMG_4425-2 IMG_4430 IMG_4652 IMG_4654-2 IMG_4656-2 IMG_4448-2 IMG_4672 IMG_4458-2 IMG_4685 IMG_4691-2 IMG_4694 IMG_4697-2 IMG_4701 IMG_4466 IMG_4716 IMG_4722 IMG_4726 IMG_4479 IMG_4493 IMG_4530 IMG_4539 IMG_4575 IMG_4301 IMG_4307-2 IMG_4339 IMG_4343 IMG_4377-2 IMG_4386 IMG_4416-3 IMG_4709-2 IMG_4469 IMG_4721 IMG_4736 IMG_4517

Garrity – Weeks 5 to 6 (April 3 – 10)

This whole week thing is getting confusing.  I posted last time on week 5 but really that was what happened between weeks 4 and 5.  From here on out, more for my memories, these posts will be recaps of the week prior to what she actually is.  Make sense? So here’s a review of what happened last week…

Chris finally got better!  It was rough there with the flu and the foot thing but by the Saturday of that week he could hold her and help out again.

Trips to Target are big outings for us

We started working on a schedule.  I’m using the Babywise guide of eat, awake time, nap time with the whole cycle taking about 3 hours meaning the nap time should be about 1.5-2 hours of the cycle which has been awesome.  Garrity is such a happier baby when she gets some good sleep!  The only problem with this is sometimes it’s a struggle to get her to stay awake after I feed her so sometimes her cycle looks more like, eat – sleep – play.  As far as night time sleep, she’s averaging around 6 hours.  Normally I feed her around 8/9 and let her sleep out in the swing or on one of us and then I feed her around 11/12 and then she goes down for the night in her rock and play and usually wakes up around 5/6.  That then becomes our toughest time because I want her to go back to sleep and she wants to be awake.  Normally she’ll go back down for about an hour or so.

I also tried a nap in her crib for the first time.  She managed to go for about 50 minutes with a couple binky droppings that required me to go back in there and pop it in but I’d call it a success.  However I haven’t been able to get her to nap since.

This week Garrity was super warm, having a temperature in the 99′s which totally freaked me out.  The dr said not to worry unless it was over 100.4 but there was one night where I was obsessively taking her temperature with three different thermometers.  Chris thought I was crazy.  Not sure if it was because the weather started to warm up or if she did get a little bit of Chris’ flu but she seemed to cool down after a few days.

She’s starting to hold on to things which is adorable.  Mostly her wubbanub.

Grandpa Tom and Aunt Payton came down for a visit and we went on her first trip to the employee store and she was awesome.  Slept the whole time even when Payton and I were trying on clothes! She also came with us to get a pedicure and slept right through it.

We went out for for food twice with Dad/Payton and both times shes was ok in the car seat for a while and then got fussy at the end.  Not sure if she has a max time for the car seat or just wants to be held.  We shall see.  We Racoon Lodge for dinner and Old Market Pub for lunch the next day. It was so nice we even sat outside!

We went on a walk in Gabriel Park with my friend and her twins who are just about a week younger (and much smaller) than Garrity.

We also had a few more throwing up episodes :(  One in the middle of the night when I’d brought her into the bed with us.  Throw up everywhere but I just laid a towel over it and went back to sleep.  I’m sure there will be many more situations like that.











I don’t have any height or weight measurements but I’d guess she’s in the mid 10 pound range just based on our home scale.  She’s pretty solidly in 3 month clothes and while she couple probably wear the 0-3 month onsies the pants are a little short on her.

Ok I think that’s it for now.  I have a baby girl to go snuggle with.  Oh PS I’m guest posting over at Rookie Mom’s today, talking about my first outing to the grocery store.  Check it out!

Anyone out there have tips on how to get her to nap in her crib?

Cake Nursing Bra Review – My absolute must have!

Just a heads up, this post is going to talk about boobs so if you don’t want to know about boobs (ie any family members reading this) you should probably stop now.

So boobs.  I have learned when you have a baby there is a lot of talk about boobs.  I mean, pretty much my entire day revolves around my boobs and when Garrity wants to eat from them.  And I’ve also realized that it’s super important to find a good bra to that can both hold them and in let them out for easy feeding and thank goodness I found Cake Nursing bras.   When I was pregnant I was surveying my friends and asking them for their favorite nursing bras and a friend mentioned the Cake brand and how she’d never tried them but definitely wanted to check them out for her next pregnancy so I started to do a little research and ended up reaching out to the team at Cake who sent me a bra and panty to try out.  How nice is that?

First of all, they came in adorable packaging.  I don’t know if all orders would show up like this or if this was because I was reviewing them but I was sold on the box alone.

cake nursing bra 1

cake nursing bra 2

cake nursing bra and panty

I was sent the Cotton Candy Luxury Seamless Nursing Bra and the Cotton Candy Seamless Brief and from the moment I put the bra on I was in love.  I actually received the bra when I was pregnant so I couldn’t test it out right away (functionality wise) but I did try it on and knew I was going to love it.  It was so soft!  And I didn’t realize it then but now I get that soft fabric on sore nipples is a definite must have.

As far as sizing goes, both the bra and panty are true to size.  I followed the Cake size charts and got a medium in both the bra and panty and they fit great.  My boobs at the end of my pregnancy were at 34C so I had to guess a little about their final size once I had Garrity but now they go between a 34D to DD depending on how much milk they have in but the medium fits great regardless of the time of day. The panty also fits great.  My hips really haven’t changed much since the baby, right around 40 inches.  I probably could have used a large right after I had her because I feel like everything on my body was huge and swollen but now that I’ve lost a couple of pounds they fit much better.

cake nursing bra and panty 3

As far as function, this bra is amazing.  I already mentioned the softness which I can’t stress enough.  The fabric alone makes this bra worth every penny.  When you’re nursing, especially at the beginning, your boobs hurt.  They’re engorged, you have sore nipples and you don’t want anything on them that could irritate them.   I’ve worn this bra around the house, on day-to-day errands and on walks and I’ve always felt super supported and comfortable. The panty fabric is equally as soft and feels equally good on my lower half which was also incredibly uncomfortable at the beginning.  Plus these panties were a nice change from my cheap-o Hanes granny panties.

As far as function of the bra – also awesome.  I’ve learned when you have a hungry baby you want a nursing bra that you can quickly unclasp with one hand and then easily hook it back together when you’re done and this bra definitely meets the criteria.  The straps feel a little more solid than some other nursing bras I have and that helps with the structure and allows for the easier clasping.  I also love that they’re pink.  Sleep-deprived and typically covered in spit-up, I often look rather haggard so this little touch of femininity is so welcome!  It’s the little things at this point hahah.

cake nursing bra panty 4

I also love the t-back design. It feels like I’m getting the support of a sports bra and even though at times my boobs are DD’s, I’ve never felt like I needed anything more.  Oh and speaking of sports bra, that’s my newest quest to try and hunt down and Cake makes one that I’m thinking about checking out.  I figure if they can make such a great nursing bra they probably do a good job on the sports bra front.

So I could go on and on about this bra but there’s only so much boob talk you want to get out there on the internet so for now I’ll stop.  But to sum up, any new nursing mamas out there or soon to be mamas, I highly recommend this bra, panty and the Cake brand.  I’ve tried a couple other bras by some of the other big brands and this bra is by far the best.  Super soft, comfortable, great support and it’s cute.  You really can’t do any better!

Anyone out there ever tried the Cake brand?

FYI I did receive this bra and panty for free from Cake but all opinions are 100% my own. 



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