Naturepedic mattress + protector pad review & giveaway

Ok, I have been waiting to share this post because I didn’t want to jinx what’s been going on at our house.

Garrity has been sleeping through the night.  In her crib.  In her own room.



Eeek. My baby is growing up.

Ever since she was born she has been in our room in her Rock & Play which we started her in because of her reflux but then kept her in it because she was happy and was sleeping almost through the night (one wake-up to feed around 3am).  We even rented a RNP in Maui.  We tried moving her into a Pack & Play (still in our room) when we got back to get used to the flat bed but it didn’t go so well.  She was teething and fussy with the all transition so we gave up. But after 4th of July when she slept in the PNP at the beach for 3 nights we decided to just go cold turkey and put her in the crib.  We were all prepared for some rough nights but cross your fingers and knock on wood, it hasn’t happened yet.  For the past 3 weeks she’s gone down easily at 8 and slept to 5 or 6, waking up to eat and then going back to bed for a bit.  I, on the other hand, have been a nervous wreck.  Checking the monitor all night long and not getting any sleep.

I definitely miss having my little girl next to me all night long but I know it’s for the best so I’m trying to get used to it.  I still hate the fact that she’s on the other side of the house but I do feel a little better knowing she’s sleeping on a great mattress.  When I was preggo, a good mattress was one of the things I obsessed about.  Like majorly obsessed. Reading review after review and even subscribing to Consumer Reports just so I could get their take on it.  I had a lot of friends who just said get a reasonably priced mattress but I just couldn’t do that.  My daughter was going to be sleeping on this thing for quite a while and I just didn’t want chemicals that close to her.  So after hours of online research and multiple in-store trips we went with the Naturepedic MC22: Organic Cotton Classic 150 Coil Seamless.

I was sold on Naturepedic because all of their mattresses are:

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC – by OTCO to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • GREENGUARD® CERTIFIED – Regularly tested for chemical emissions
  • Designed to be free of harmful chemicals and allergens
  • Designed to meet CPSC firmness recommendations and fit snugly in U.S. standard size cribs
  • Feature strong edge support for use in toddler beds
  • Are proudly Made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Her particular mattress is also made from organic cotton waterproof fabric with an organic cotton filling.  It’s free of latex and wool and there is a built-in bed bug/dust-mist barrier.  And…the absolute biggest thing for me in a mattress is that it passes all federal and state flammability standards without the use of any fire retardant chemicals or flame retardant barriers!!  I knew I wanted coil over foam for more stability and I didn’t get a dual sided mattress (firmer for infants, softer for toddlers) because I didn’t know how long Garrity would be in the crib and figured this mattress would work no matter how long she was in there.

Along with my mattress I purchased the Naturepedic flat, waterproof protector pad.  My best friend swears by the trick where you layer sheets and waterproof pads to avoid having to change things in the middle of the night and while she said get any waterproof protector, I wanted Naturepedic.  I’d researched and heard so many good things about their brand and I just didn’t want any random fabric that close to my baby’s head.

naturepedic cotton 1

So still preggo, I set up the crib.  I put the flat mattress protector on the mattress followed by sheet #1, Then I tossed on the fitted mattress protector and then sheet #2.

naturepedic cotton cover 2

cotton cover sheet

double sheets

And the bed looked so cozy.  But no matter how often we tried getting Garrity in their for naps she wouldn’t have it.  That poor, beautiful, safe bed stayed empty.  Until 3 weeks ago!  I still can’t get her to nap in there but she doesn’t really nap anywhere so I’m not going to fight it.  I figure she’ll nap there when she’s ready.

As far as her bedtime routine – we give her a bath around 7:30 then put her jammies on and Chris reads her a story.  After that I nurse her in the rocking chair and then put her in her crib.  Most of the time she falls asleep when I nurse her and I’ve read all sorts of books about how she needs to go to bed awake to teach herself to sleep and maybe that’s why we can’t get her to nap in there…but whatever.  Right now, I nurse my baby to sleep.  Oh well.  It’s what works for us.  I come back to her room around 11 and dream nurse her (nurse her while she’s still asleep) and if she actually eats then I can usually count on her making it all the way to 5-6 before she wakes up to eat again.  If she doesn’t eat well during the dream feed then she usually wakes up around 3 to eat and then goes right back to sleep.


So here’s hoping this new sleep routine stays put.  I go back to work next week so we’ll see what happens.  All in all, I am so glad I spent so much time obsessively researching mattresses and even though I still miss having my little girl right next to me in bed, I feel so much better knowing she’s not breathing in any crazy chemicals or sketchy materials.

crib 1


And because the folks at Naturepedic are so awesome, they are letting me give away the same mattress I have and your choice of either a fitted or flat mattress protector.  How cool is that??

To enter, fill out the info below.  You have until next Monday.  Enjoy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

FYI I paid for the mattress and the flat sheet on my own.  Naturepedic offered me a flat sheet to review.  As always, all opinions on this blog are my own.

Donating Breast Milk – Eats on Feets

So I have been blessed with a ton of milk.  Like I feel like I’m a dairy cow.  Seriously.  I am so happy that I’ve been able to exclusively feed Garrity because I know how many mama’s out there struggle with this.  I’ve also been building up a freezer stash of milk for when I go back to work just in case my supply drops or something.  I’ve really only been pumping once in the morning and once at night but have been able to add at least 10oz a day (or more) to my stash (we rarely give Garrity a bottle mostly because I hate having to pump instead). Recently our freezer started to get a little crowded.  And mind you, this is our spare freezer in the garage.  Chris uses the fridge for his kegarator so besides the wedding cake from our wedding (almost 4 years ago) the freezer was barely empty.  Even though I’m worried about my supply dropping when I go back to work I felt confident that I wouldn’t need everything in the freezer so I started looking into ways I could donate my breast milk.  I’d heard of mom’s using donated breastmilk at hospitals and I just thought it was a really cool thing that I could do.  Help another baby eat…


So through my research I found Eats on Feets, a community based breastmilk sharing organization.  This is their facebook page. I just posted on FB that I had some milk to donate and ended up connecting with a super nice lady in my neighborhood who’s daughter is apparently doing great on my milk.  We’ll see how my supply does after returning to work but if I still have enough I’ll definitely donate again.

No sponsorship here. Just want to tell any other mama’s out there about a cool thing to do for other babies.  Also you can post on the FB page if you have a need for breastmilk.

Anyone else out there every donate breastmilk?




Wine tasting, firepits and house shopping

Pretty good little weekend.  Friday we met up with two awesome couple friends at Old Market Pub.  It was one of our friend’s first time meeting Garrity and she did great.  It was a great, warm night and we sat outside and just had lots of laughs and good times with some of my favorite people.

Saturday we relaxed around the house in the morning (I even got to the gym for a workout!) and then we headed out to wine country and did a quick stop at August Cellars (eh, not so good) and then headed to our main destitation of Elizabeth Chambers Cellars in McMinnville.  One of my best friends is the General Manager there and it was their grand opening.  It was so fun.  Garrity was amazing.  Like didn’t cry once in the whole couple of hours and everyone kept saying how good of a baby she was.  Seriously, I had strangers coming up and commenting about her and then two different couples were showing me pictures of their grandchildren who were the same age.  Garrity made them miss their own.  Garrity also got to meet Ernie Kent.  The new head basketball coach of my Washington State University Cougars.  He held her when we first got there and grabbed her again (and said how good she was) as we were leaving.  She was so cute…grabbed his face.

Image 2 Image 3 Image 6 Image 10 wine tasting

We got home from wine tasting and then a couple friends came over and we all hung out on the deck around our firepit.  Totally one of my favorite things to do.

Image 9

And today we laid around in the morning.  Chris and Garrity had some good bonding time while I went out on a run.  Yes a run.  A slow run but still a run.  After that we headed out and looked at houses.  We love our house.  Like seriously love it and I would have such a hard time every leaving but we know it will be too small at some point so we’re always on the look for new houses.  We constantly struggle with where we’d want to move to. We love our current neighborhood and have a 1/4 acre and wouldn’t want anything smaller…ideally we find something with more property (I want chickens and goats) but we also want to stay close in to work and the city.  Well today we found a couple interesting contenders.  One even has 4.5 acres.  Who knows if anything will ever come of it but it’s always so fun to just drive around and dream.

Image 11

Image 7

And then we ended up at Raccoon Lodge for dinner.  And then we came home and my most beautiful little girl went to bed and Chris and I are just about to watch Ray Donovan.
Image 8

Image 12

Great little weekend I tell you.

Now you tell me your favorite thing about your weekend.


Maui with a 3.5 month old

Woo Hoo.  Finally I’m getting around to posting about Maui.  For those that don’t follow me on Instagram, I went to Maui over a month ago with Chris, Garrity (who was 3.5 months at the time) and Chris’ mom and dad. This was our 3rd time to Maui in three years so I’d say we’re kind of pros at this trip.  We even stayed at the exact same resort we stayed at last February when our friends got married.

But let me back up just a bit…why did we go on a trip with a 3.5 year old?  Really for no other reason than to prove to ourselves that even with a baby we would still travel.  Now, I had a great time on our trip but in hindsight we could have saved a ton of money by just heading to Chris’ parents house at the beach for a week hahah.  Normally Chris and I (and his parents) are get out and explore kind of travelers and we quickly realized this was not going to be that kind of trip.

The 1st couple days we tried to go out on excursions. We went out to Cowyboy Country and Paia and I wouldn’t call either of them a success or failure, just a little logistically.  Garrity still was eating every 3 hours so at one point I sat down to nurse her in some sketchy grocery store thing and then the other time she was screaming so much we had to pull over to the side of the road.  And she also hates being in her car seat for long periods of time so too much driving around was tricky.

So after a couple days we realized it was best to just chill at the resort.  We were staying at an awesome place so why not take advantage of it?  So most of our trip we’d get up, eat breakfast out on the lanai, relax (I’d get to do things like pump and eat breakfast) and we’d hang out through lunch.  Then we’d go down to the pool for the afternoon until around 4 or so and at that point Garrity would be starting to get sleeping and so we’d chill till she went to bed around 5 (8pm Portland time).  With the time change, it made dinner tricky but we still managed to go into Lahina a few times.  Our fave dinner spot was Dukes and conveniently it was right downstairs at our hotel.

And because I’ve been trying to get this post up for weeks I’ll leave the summary at the above and finish with bullet points.

Where we stayed: Hanua Kai resort.  On Kaanapali on the other side of black rock.  Big fans.  2nd time staying there.  Great location.  You can walk into Whalers Village if you’re ambitious but with the heat (and Chris’ hurt foot, we didn’t).  There is also a great beach front running/walking/stroller path in front of the hotel.  Great pools and great amount of umbrellas for shade.  Definitely recommend it for kids.

Fave spots to eat: Lahina Pizza Company (don’t bring your stroller, it won’t fit at your table so you’ll have to park it upstairs on the side of the restaurant).  There’s also always a long wait here so be prepared. Cheeseburger in Paradise (In Lahina): Went here without Garrity.  Always packed and not sure how a carseat would fit.  You also have to leave your stroller outside. Dukes: we did a quite a few happy hours, one formal dinner and a couple dinners at the bar.  Great with a baby and with a stroller.  The bar has high-top tables and the Bob fit right up there.

What did Garrity sleep in?  We decided not to bring our Pack & Play and instead, rented from Maui Baby Rentals a Rock and Play, a swing and an activity mat.  Greatest decision ever.  All the stuff was set up when we arrived and we just set it up outside our room when we left.

What stroller did we bring: The Bob and I highly recommend.  So easy to get everywhere and awesome for loading up with stuff wherever we went.

How did Garrity do?  Incredible.  Like seriously the best baby I could have ever asked for.  Super easy going, adaptable… I don’t think I could have asked for a better baby.

Would I do it again?  No.  While this trip was great, it was really expensive and I think we took the trip just to prove that we could still travel with a baby.  I know babies this age are suppose to be the easiest to travel with but I really don’t want to go anywhere with a baby that has to eat on such a tight schedule and when I’m breastfeeding.  Worrying about feeding/pumping every 3 hours was exhausting.

Any questions for me?IMG_9548 IMG_9549 IMG_9556 IMG_9562 IMG_9564 IMG_9567  IMG_9572 IMG_9578 IMG_9581 IMG_9587 IMG_9590 IMG_9592 IMG_9593 IMG_9597 IMG_9599 IMG_9612 IMG_9615 IMG_9621   IMG_9639  IMG_9643 IMG_9645  IMG_9649 IMG_9651



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