Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond


Ok, so I did a ton of research on baby products when I got pregnant.  Actually, scratch that, before I did research on baby products, I did research on products that I used on my body that could possibly come in contact with the baby – things like my face wash, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner…I evaluated it all.  I became obsessed.  I spent hours pouring over products on the EWG skin deep consumer guide.  Carcinogens, phthalates, artificial coloring…anything that kept the EWG rating over a 1 was scrutinized until I found natural products that would keep my growing baby safe.

I still remember the day when I was around 8 months preggo, after all my research, I was at the store buying another bottle of my facial moisturizer that I thought for sure was safe from salicylic acid (an aspirin derivative that should probably be avoided in large amounts) when I looked at the packaging and freaked out – there is was in the ingredient list – salicylic acid!  It wasn’t on the bottle I’d had at home, so I somehow missed it on the paper packaging.  I just about died.  I’d been using this product for months.

After I calmed down from my panic (and texted my best friend and mother of 3 who assured me the tiny amount I put on my face every night would not harm my baby) I became even more diligent with my research.  My poor husband was a saint for putting up with me and my never ending articles and stats about the safest baby products.  I did extensive research on everything I bought from glass bottles, to organic baby carriers to silicon teethers, but the baby product I spent the most time researching was her crib mattress.  I had friends who told me to just get the $100 one at Babie’s R Us, that it was fine.  But after doing my own research I knew that I was not going to put my daughter to sleep on something that was doused in fire retarded chemicals, carcinogens and polyurethane foam which has known side effects including cardiac arrhythmias, breathlessness, chest discomfort, irritation of mucous membranes, headache, coughing, asthma-like allergic reaction, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, and reduced pulmonary function.

No thanks.

We ended up purchasing the Naturopediec 150 organic cotton seamless mattress and I have loved every second of it.  Naturepedic is the only company that uses low density, food-grade polyethylene, which meet the FDA standard for food contact, for the purpose of waterproofing and dust mite proofing. Strict independent testing confirms there are no phthalates or any toxic chemicals in this polyethylene.  So every night when I put my daughter down for bed, I can rest assured that she is laying her precious head on the safest mattress out there.

But I’ve completely digressed from the main topic of this post…the real thing I wanted to talk about is that there is a woman equally as passionate about her children’s safety as I am and she actually wrote a book about it!  I love the story behind it – she started out writing notes to her kiddos about advice for when they’d have babies and thanks to the help of a few awesome companies, those notes turned into an eBook.

You can read the book here and get more info on all sorts of safe products and practices to stick to when you’re preggo and after you have the baby.  Rachel (of Mommy Greenest Fame and former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World), does such a great job of breaking everything you need to know into easy to understand paragraphs and while the world of toxic chemicals can get a little confusing, you can easily make it through this book without a science degree :)

I definitely encourage any preggos, soon-to-be preggos and mamas out there to check out this book.  Our children came into this world pure and unaware and it’s our job as parents to keep them safe and healthy and while we can’t protect them from every bump and bruise or sugar filled treat :)  out there, we can do our part to help reduce the toxic chemicals in their environment.

FYI I was not paid in anyway for this post.  This is an issue I’m completely passionate about and just wanted to share with readers out there.  All opinions are my own.



Body Shaming needs to stop

I just read this article about Blogilates creator Casey Ho and just can’t believe it.  Casey is an awesome role model. She offers up free, quick pilates workouts to thousands of followers and while I don’t follow her that closely, I’ve found out my 13 year old sister is a big fan of her and I have been so proud that this woman is a role model to my sister.  And then I read that people have been writing negative comments to her about her body. About how she’s too fat, doesn’t have a 6-pack, about how she needs a bigger thigh gap.

So she created a video and photoshopped herself to what her critics told her she should look like and then she posted a picture and still people commented – telling her she looked good!  What??  The woman is trying to help show a positive body image and to love yourself and people still don’t get it.

Are you kidding me people???  When will this stop??!!  We need to stop body shaming people and stop body shaming ourselves.  Love the body that you have!  I know that we all have things we need to change but what is wrong with being proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished?  I’m the 1st to admit that my body is a long way from what it was pre-baby and when I look in the mirror I see legs that need toning and a belly that pouches out more than I’d like it to.  But guess what?  I grew a human in this body.  I created a life!  So no matter what shape my body is in, you can bet I will be proud of it.  I have rocked bikinis 3 months postpartum and 13 months postpartum and have loved every single second.  And I have been way more focused on my little girl than what mama looks like in her 2 piece.

It just makes me so sad for little girls out there.  Little girls and teen girls and 20 somethings who are have negative thoughts about themselves.  I wish I could give them all a hug and tell  them how awesome they are and how they have so many people who love them and how they’re doing great things to change the world and who cares is they don’t have a butt or if their thighs touch.

I am scared to have to raise a daughter.  Her world is so much different than mine.  I can’t imagine how much harder it will be to grow up with all of this technology and insta-ness.  I can only hope that I can raise her to love herself, most importantly from the inside 1st!  True beauty is what’s inside your heart, not on the outside.

We all have imperfections but that’s what makes us who we are, what gives us our uniqueness, what makes me me and you you and I hope that through more posts like Casey, people who are influencing these young girls, we can make a difference.

Ahhhh Hawaii 

I’ve been hanging out in Kona, HI for the past 8 days and it has been fabulous.   We go home tomorrow and I am not excited for reality.

This was G’s 2nd trip to the islands and she’s been amazing. We’re here with my dad, step-mom, sister, brother, brother’s lady and Chris. I just can’t express how special this trip has been. 

Being a mom is easy

I feel like lately my new feeds and blog readers are full of post about how hard new motherhood is, or how it will get better, or how proud of myself I should be for “making it through” the 1st year. I just read a post about how a mom thinks she’s not very good at this motherhood thing and how she needs a life boat…

While I understand that being a mom and adjusting to motherthood is hard for some people I think we need some stories out there about how it’s not. I think the I internet is getting flooded with the negative. The hard stuff. Stories that poor preggo ladies must be scared to death of. It’s like new mamahood is some kind of crazy train that your can’t get off of. I had someone today tell me that they’re excited when the weekend is over so they can drop their kid off at daycare since they’re so exhausting on the weekend.

I’m seriously not here to judge. I know everyone’s situation is different and everyone’s babies are different and I guess what I’m going for here is a post that can get out on the internet about how easy being a mom is. How amazing. How the 1st year hasn’t been hard at all. And I don’t want to have to apologize for having an “easy” baby or feel “lucky” or be worried that #2 is going to be a terror. 

Being a mom is the most natural thing in the world to me. Yes, it was sad when Garrity had reflux issues, and I was tired on days she wouldn’t nap but it wasn’t this doom and gloom story I feel like I’ve been reading lately. The hardest part of it all? Leaving her when I went back to work and still the hardest part of my day is when I drop her off at daycare. But the best part of my day is walking through her classroom door and seeing her eyes light up when she sees her mama.

I read something yesterday that was a post to working moms from a stay at home mom and it said something about how I shouldn’t worry if I’m “enough” for my daughter because I work. Man oh man did that light a fire under me. Not once has it ever crossed my mind that I’m not enough for my daughter. And it shouldn’t cross any new mom or new dad’s mind.

All you new moms or soon to be moms…i just want to tell you not to be scared about this parenthood thing. Don’t believe everything you read. You will likely have some tougher than other days but more often than not you will get to experience the most amazing days, the most joyful days, the funniest days, the happiest days…

So don’t believe everything you read (especially Dr Google, he can scare the crap out of you). Instead trust your gut, listen to your heart and pour all the love you have into that little baby of yours. 

Garlic Oil & Breast milk

I am totally that hippie mom.

I grew up in Olympia, WA which is home to the Evergreen State College.  Evergreen doesn’t give grades and in general, the entire student population is stereotyped as folks who don’t shower, wear Birkenstocks and support all things ecological.  Throughout my entire childhood we referred to those students as “greeners” and generally thought of them as weirdos.

Well my friends, I feel like you can’t escape your roots because I have totally embraced mine.

My daughter had goopy eyes at daycare yesterday and if you have goopy eyes and they have to wipe the goop twice in an hour you’re booted from daycare.  When I got the 1st call from them about the goop I raced over to pick her up.  Yes, her eyes were goopy but I’d seen it before.  Likely from her cold and the snot draining out her eyes.   Poor girl.

Her eyes continued to be goopy that night so we put some breast milk in them before bed.  And super proud mama moment, it was my husband who remembered to put the milk in there.  I think my hippie ways have rubbed off on him.  Breast milk is this magic cure-all that can seriously solve anything, even eye goop.  Besides the breast milk in her eyes, we’re also putting garlic oil in her ears.  At her 1 year check-up the dr noticed there was some fluid in her ears but not enough to warrant antibiotics so we use drops of garlic oil a few times a day and that is suppose to clear it up (it’s worked all but once on her ears).

This morning when she woke up her eyes were glued shut with goop :( and I knew there was no way I could get away with sending her to school so Chris and I each worked half of a day to take care of her.  He took her to the dr this morning who confirmed it was not pink eye but rather bronchiolitis which is a viral illness and one we can’t really do anything about.  Dr said that the best thing we could have done was the breast milk!  We also have to continue with the garlic oil, humidifier and essential oil diffuser (PS we go to an integrated pediatric clinic – mixing western and eastern medicine). I also gave her some cough syrup with elderberry in it and some warm water with honey (with her vitamin c powder for iron absorption and immune support).  And to top it all off she gets a shot of liquid iron because she’s a little anemic.

I totally meant to go somewhere else with this post.  But whatever… to bring it back to my initial talk about Olympia…I remember being over at my friend Anna’s house when I was younger – Anna’s family was a typical “greener” family – they cared about the environment (how dare they) and they ate Adam’s all natural PB and had Annies Mac & cheese instead of the blue box.  I remember thinking Anna’s family was so weird!!  Poor kid couldn’t even have Kraft.

Well Anna’s mom, wherever you are – joke’s on me.  My pantry now looks like yours did and I love Adam’s PB.  I’m sure if I would have asked you if you had garlic oil or elderberry syrup you would have pulled some out for me.  And now I’ll learn what it’s like to be you.  I’m sure your daughter cringed at some of your weird hippie things and I know that’s how it’s going to be with me and my daughter…I just hope I’m not having to tip her over and drop garlic in her ears when she’s 20!!!



Mom’s out there -what’s your favorite natural sickness remedy?

The long way home – Gearhart, Pacific City, Dundee

Like I mentioned earlier, we decided to take the long way home from the beach on Sunday.  It was such nice weather and we really had no plans so we thought, why not?  We left Gearhart around noon and drove on Highway 101 through little towns I can’t quite remember the names of but the big one was Manzanita.  I’d never been there before but it was so cute.  I definitely want to go spend some time there this summer.  From there we kept going through Tillamook before stopping at Pacific City.  I hadn’t been there since September of 2014 when I was preggo with G!

It was packed there.  I’ve never seen the parking lot by the Pelican Pub so packed.  We had to park across the street and walk down to the beach.  We took some obligatory photos and then headed to the Pelican for a beer.  We started out outside but it was pretty windy where we were standing so we decided to head in to finish our beers.  Note to mamas, – Pelican has a fantastic stand alone bathroom/changing station that could probably also be used to pump.

On our way out of town Chris stopped at Twist to have some Pliney the Elder (hard to find beer) while I hung out with G in the car since minors weren’t allowed inside.  After that, we headed home through wine country and it was gorgeous.  Our friends recently moved to Dundee so we stopped by their house at 5 for a tour and then we headed to dinner at Red Hills Market.  We wanted to try the new brewery there but it also doesn’t allow minors.  Another note – great separate bathroom/changing table at Red Hills.

We didn’t end up getting home until about 8 so it was definitely a long day but G did great, never cried in the car and was perfect during all of our stops.  The only thing we sort of messed up was her food.  We’d packed sandwhiches for us to eat in the car but didn’t have much for her so the poor girl ended up just eating slices of cheese until we grabbed her a yogurt in Pacific City.  We got her a sample platter of turkey, apples and cheese at Red Hills but she just wasn’t feeling it.

IMG_2256 IMG_2257 IMG_2261 IMG_2265 IMG_2275 IMG_2276 IMG_2289 IMG_2290 IMG_2292 IMG_2293 IMG_2298 IMG_2301 IMG_2302

Anyway, great weekend and great little local road trip.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a day exploring the coast on a nice day.

What about you – favorite road trip? 

My baby turned 1


My baby girl turned 1 on Friday and we went over to Gearhart to celebrate.  We had a fantastic party and an amazing weekend. I have many stories to share but we just got home and we’re trying to wind down before work tomorrow.  It was such a nice day that we decided to take the long way home and drive from Gearhart, through Manzanita to Pacific City where we grabbed a drink and then to Dundee where we met some friends for dinner before heading home.

I hope you all had great weekends.  Tell me something fun that you did.


On my way to work yesterday

I pumped my boobs while talking on a conference call to Europe while drinking my breakfast smoothie while driving my daughter to daycare.  And then once I dropped her off at daycare (walking in bra-less since I had just barely unhooked from the pump) I got back into my car, drove to the parking garage, parked on the 3rd floor, put my bra and top back on (I’m sure that was a show for anyone walking by) walked down to the entrance, checked out a bike, shoved my pump bag in the basket with my backpack on my back, biked to my building, locked the bike up outside and walked the two floors to my desk where I put my pumped milk and pump parts in my mini fridge before finally opening up my computer.

I left my house at 8am and sat down at my desk at 8:45.

And then I worked until 5:30 when I got back on a bike, biked back to the garage, drove home, walked in the door at 6, started making dinner, ate dinner, gave my daughter a bath, put her to bed, did some stuff, pumped, went to bed and then woke up at 2am and found her covered in puke.

I am so tired right now.  So tired.

Another funny story – on Monday, my boobs were extra full and G choked on my milk while nursing and then didn’t want to nurse anymore so my boobs were seriously huge.  I pumped on the way to work and thought I’d be good for a couple hours but then at a morning meeting my left boob hurt so bad so I basically felt myself up (I’m sure I’m making a great impression on my new teammate) and found a huge lump aka clogged duct.

I excused myself and then spent the next 15 minutes in the bathroom squeezing my boob into the toilet.  But I didn’t quite go in there.  Instead the milk went everywhere. The wall, the floor, the toilet seat, the paper dispenser.

And then I came back and told the aforementioned co-worker all about it.

Oh the life of a working mom.

What about you out there.  What’s the craziest place you’ve ever pumped.



Mondays are hard

Mondays have always been hard.  You have a great weekend and then you have to go back to work.  Back to reality.  I didn’t get my food prep done so I did it tonight which meant no time to workout.  And then because it was Monday but mostly because it was there and delicious, I ate multiple slices of G’s birthday cake….kissing my goal of being back at my pre-preggo weight by Friday goodbye.

But Mondays are exponentially harder when you have a baby.  I hate having to drop her off at daycare in the morning.  Kills me to have to leave her.  To have to go from having her 24 non-stop hours to getting her for 3 waking ones before she goes to bed.  I get sad just even putting those words on “paper.”  We were ready earlier than normal and since Chris and I carpooled today we left the house about 20 minute before I would have had it just been me.  Traffic was nutty and we probably would have gotten to work the same time as if we had left 20 minutes later.  This spurned a conversation about what time we should leave our house and Chris said he gets anxious to get to work so he just wanted to get on the road.  He said there’s so much to do and he wants to get after it.  That he would get to work at 6am if he could, just to get work done.  A logical answer for most people I’m sure.  Meanwhile I said I’d much rather take those 20 minutes at home and play with G.  That to me, I’m not anxious to get to work.  I dread it because it means my time with her is over.   That I want to soak up every possible moment at home with her.   I should clarify that once I’m actually at work it’s not bad.  I like my job. I just don’t like that doing it means I have to leave her.

Where am I going with this?  I don’t know really.  I just know that Monday’s make me sad.  Or maybe they make me especially sad when we have great weekends.  We went on our first family hike at Eagle Creek and Punchbowl falls.  We had a family date night.  We went out to dinner all 3 nights.  The weather was fantastic.  We took G’s 1st year photos.  She’s almost one and I’m getting extra sentimental.

When I picked her up today she didn’t see me walk in.  I was watching her play with some toys off to the side of the room.  She was happy.  She likes being at daycare.  That’s what I have to keep reminding myself.  And I’m just a few buildings down from her.  But I just wish on gorgeous days like today I could steal her away and smother her with kisses.  And play on the swings and take a million pictures.  And listen to her laugh for hours and hours.

But we made it through.  And we went on a family walk.  And the sky was pink.  And then we had dinner and we spent an extra long time nursing before bed.  I probably could have put her down sooner but as I rocked her to sleep, and she snuggled up in my arms I just couldn’t put her down.  This Monday that I was dreading, I didn’t want to end.


Day in the life of a working mom with an almost 1 year old

5:30 G wakes up. Go into room and nurse her. Try to lay her back down and she cries. Bring her into our bed. Notice it’s 5:45. Lay back down in bed, set my alarm for 6:30. Fall asleep and Chris’ alarm goes off at 6. He reminds me he’s leaving early and I need to get into the shower now. Stumble in, so tired!

6:30. All dressed, teeth brushed,  I’m just about to start drying my hair. I had my outfit planned out but my jeans were too big (yay for weight-loss) so I has to find something else. Chris comes in. G wakes up as soon as he walks into the closet.  I go lay back down and nurse her and try to get her to sleep. She lays quietly for about 5 min and Then is up. This is an hour earlier than normal!

Bring her into our closet and let her play with a balloon while I dry my hair. Thankfully today she occupies herself with the balloon and wandering around the bathroom while I finish drying (straightening) it. Chris is in the kitchen doing stuff and she starts to have a meltdown so I sit her on the counter while I do my makeup. Chris comes in and takes her to get dressed while I do my makeup and flat iron my hair.

He brings her back in and says goodbye. It’s not even 7! This never happens. I don’t want to take her to daycare this early because she’ll be there too long. Play around in my closet and try to figure out outfits for her 1 yr pictures.

day in the life
It’s now 7. Take her into her room to try to put her back down. Nurse for a few seconds. She’s cuddly on my lap. Lay her down in her crib. She screams. Pick her back up and take her into the kitchen to play.

7:12. Set her on the floor so I can get stuff down. Meltdown in kitchen. I have to hold her and do everything one handed. Make her bottles. Make my smoothie. Get the dog in the garage. Put her in her car seat. Go to the bathroom. Load all the bags into the car. Come back and get her.

day in the life 2

In car at 7:45

Got to daycare at 8:15. G was asleep. Read emails until 8:19 to see if she’d wake up. Tried to take her in in her seat but she woke up. Took her in, filled out chart, put away bottles, sat her down for breakfast.

Done at 8:25. Walk back to car and park in parking garage. Shuttle comes at 8:24 or 8:48 so looks like I’m walking.

Leave garage at 8:34. Arrive to my desk at 8:45.

Talk to co-worker about work stuff until 10.

10-12: meetings

12:05-12:20: pump

day in the life 3

Work until 2, eating lunch at my desk.  Head downstairs to for my next meeting but he was 15 min so I kill time on my phone. He shows up, we meet until 2:40.

Back to my desk to work until 3:12. Walk across campus to my car. Drive to a different building for a meeting at 3:30.

Meeting until 4. Grabbed a spot to work and ran into an old co-worker. Chatted with him for a bit. Conference call from 4:30-5. Chris was picking up G but called me from the daycare at 5 because I forgot her car seat. Drove over to daycare. Met him, loaded her up in my car.

Home by 5:30. Took G in. Nursed her and brought her back into the kitchen. 5:45-6:15, played around with her. She has started full-on walking so we toddled around the house. Started dinner at 6:15. Easy. Made some penne to add to leftover chicken parm from last night. G started getting crabby so put her in her high chair while I finished up. Chris cleaned up the kitchen. We switched and I finished feeding her while he finished dinner. 6:30ish we all sat down to eat. 6:45 I played with G on the floor while Chris cleaned up.

7-7:15 Chris left to go watch the Beav game with a friend. G and I face timed with my mom.

7:15 got G ready for bed. Nursed her. Laid her in her crib.

7:30 into the kitchen. Should have done something productive like worked out or washed bottles but instead I sat at the counter and caught up on blogs and social media while eating half a pan of brownies

8:25 finally pulled it together.  Put the rest of the brownies in a container so I would be less tempted to eat them.  Cleaned up her toys and washed bottle and pump parts.  Moved some fresh milk into freezer bags.  Washed more bottles.  Thought about taking a bath.  I really want to but I don’t like doing it when Chris isn’t here in case she starts crying while I’m soaking.  Waste more time texting with a friend, uploading photos on Instagram.

9:15: Sit down at the computer and write this post. Mess around with my blog for a bit.  I just switched themes and I need to do so much on here to make it look nice but I don’t have time.

9:45.  Hit publish and then go pump.  Chris will likely get home by 10 and then we’ll probably watch a show and will be in bed by 11.  Crossing my fingers that G sleeps though the night.