Labor Day 2014

We had a great Labor Day weekend.  We headed to Bend with Craig, Julia, Brian and his lady Melana.  We also spent some good quality time with Randi and Billy.  We hit up 10 Barrel, Crux, NW Crossing Farmer’s Market, La Rosa and went paddle boarding.  We also just relaxed around the house (and watched the Beav game which Garrity slept through).  It was great.  And Garrity was perfect.  This little girl continues to impress, surprise and amaze me.

It was a perfect way to end summer.  I can’t believe we’re already in September.  Time seriously flies.  PS can you believe Garrity turned 6 months old last week?  6 months!!!  I’ll do a full post after she has her 6 month check-up this week so we get all her stats.  And my little girl starts daycare tomorrow.  I’m sure she’ll do fine but I think her mama is going to have a tough time.  Think good thoughts for me.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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Today was a very good day

Even though I’m back at work I’m only working 20 hours a week (for now.  Full time start back up here pretty quick) which, for daycare logistics, that translates into me working 2.5 days a week which has been awesome.  Even though it kills me like crazy when I’m away, I’m trying really hard to savor these last few days where it’s just me and Garrity.  And today was one of those perfect days that I hope I can remember for the rest of my life.  She woke up to eat at 5 so I fed her and put her back down and when she woke up again at 7 I brought her into our bedroom for snuggles.  We cuddled together for an hour until dad headed out to work (and when he kissed her goodbye she woke up with the biggest smile on her face).  We hung out and played until her morning nap which was almost an hour!  And then I brought her into the bathroom while I got ready.  I’ve always dreamed about having my daughter hang out in the bathroom with me and watch me put on my makeup.  I’m excited for the day I can talk to her about what I’m doing and why.  And while Garrity is usually in the bathroom with me, she’s typically laying on her back or doing tummy time but today I felt pretty good about her sitting up abilities and let her sit up the whole time I got ready.

IMG_0077_blog IMG_0076_blog IMG_0075_blog IMG_0074_blog IMG_0073_blog IMG_0072_blog IMG_0071_blog IMG_0070_blog IMG_0068_blog IMG_0065_blog IMG_0063_blog IMG_0062_blog

And because she looked so cute I couldn’t help but have a mini photoshoot right?  This moment was just so special.  It was the first of many mornings I’ll get to have with my daughter.  Just our little bonding time where we hang and talk girl stuff.  As much as I don’t want her to grow up, I can’t wait for the day when she’s sitting up on the counter, with her feet in my sink, just watching me as I put on mascara and blush.  These are moments I’ve dreamed of.

But the day got better…after I got ready I packed Garrity up and we headed over to my friend Ali’s house where we took our littles (Garrity and Jack) on a walk. It was a great walk from a workout standpoint (my legs are still screaming from the hills) but also good from a mama standpoint.  Ali has navigated the working mom world and has also done the stay at home mom routine and it was really nice to talk to someone in my shoes.  To have someone to relate to, to cry with, to bond with.  Ali – I’m so lucky we’ve become friends.  I seriously couldn’t make it without you!  You have been amazing to me.

So in between our good mama talks we stop and Starbucks and then the park.  Jack got right into the swings, just loving it but Garrity still seemed sleepy in the stroller but once she started to wake up a bit I knew we had to try them out.  And she loved them!!!

swing 8 swinf 7 swing 4 swing_3 Swing_2 swing_1

And after we got home Garrity took a 2 hour nap!  This has never happened people.  The swings must have worn her out.  I didn’t even know what to do with myself (so of course I uploaded and organized photos).

And then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing.

And it was perfect.  Just a perfect day with my girl.  A day I wish I could have a million of.  A day that made me so happy to be her mama.  A day so full of love my heart could burst.


Garrity May – 5 months (July 27th 2014)

Eek, ok I am about 2 weeks behind on this update.  Now, being back to work I feel like I just don’t have as much time to write and when I do time I want to spend it with her :)


5 months 3 IMG_9959_teIMG_9961_t IMG_9957_t IMG_9955_t 5 months 2_2 Ok, I’ve heard everyone say that each phase keeps getting better and better and it’s totally true.  I just love this little girl more and more (although I loved her as a tiny baby).  She is becoming much more of a baby and less of an infant.  She didn’t start sitting up until 3 days after she turned 5 months but she spent this month trying.  Just constantly doing little sit-ups.  And she finally figured out how to get both feet into her mouth.  She loves her feet!  While she’d been a pretty big talker in earlier months, this month she got a little more quiet.  She’ll still chatter around but only at certain times but she did start laughing more.  She’s still not a girl who will give you the big belly laughs, but you can occasionally get some giggles out of her.  However, she loves to give you smiles.  Just big, melt your heart smiles.  The best.

Health: She hasn’t been to the dr since her 4 month checkup but I took her to the lactation scale on her 5 month birth day and she weighed 14 lbs 7 oz.  She’s pretty consistently gaining 1 pound a month. This is slightly under average but I’m not too worried. She’s been spitting up more than in months past so I’ll be talking to the dr about that at her 6 month check-up.  She seems happy so I’m assuming it’s fine.  I’m chalking it up to more pressure being on her belly since she’s sitting more but it also happens a lot during tummy time.  Definitely don’t lay her down right after she eats.  She’s moved into 6 months clothes but can also wear some 3 month onsies if they’re stretchy.  Otherwise, she’s been in fantastic health.  We’re waiting for teething to get really bad.  You can see her bottom tooth getting ready to pop through but so far, nothing but a lot of drool.

Eating: Still only nursing and going strong.  She’s still eating about every 3 hours and my guess is around 3-4 ounces a feeding.  I’m still using the nipple shield on and off.  I went back to the lactation ladies and they think she gets tired, especially when turning her head to the right side.  You can tell that she favors the other side so we’ve been doing some exercises to help her turn her head better.  We’ve also done some visits to the chiropractor.  As for solid foods, our dr said between 4 and 6 months but I want to wait until she’s 6 months.  I’ve gone back and forth about purees vs baby lead weaning and I think I’ll do a combo of both.  I do want to make my own baby food so we’ll see how that goes ha!

Image 13

Sleep:  We’ve done lots of work on sleep this month and she’s finally taking naps in her crib.  While she use to wake up exactly 20 minutes into a nap, now she can make it to 30 or 40 minutes.  She still wakes up fussy from her naps and you can tell she needs to nap longer but there’s not much we can do to get her back down.  Sometimes if we’re lucky we can rock her back to sleep but then she has to sleep on you and won’t go back to her crib (can’t say I mind it).  She also still takes the best naps when someone cuddles with her.  Her typical schedule is a nap 1.5 hours after she initially wakes up and then naps again 2ish hours after she wakes up from her previous nap. Bedtime is 8pm but we’ve put her to bed as early as 7 if she’s tired.  Generally we try to get her in the bath about 7:30 then Chris reads her a book, I nurse her and she’s in her crib by 8.  I would dream feed her at 11 and then she’d make it till about 5:30 before needing to eat again and would then go back to bed until 8ish.  That changed when I went back to work but we’ll save that for the 6 month update.

Image 15 Image 16

20 weeks 5 Image 3 Image 8 Image week 17 3

Play:  we got her an exersaucer that she loves!!  She jumps up and down and spins around and plays with all the animals.  It’s so cute.  I love seeing her in it.  She played in one at my hair dresser’s house and I went out and bought one the next weekend.  I’ve still been doing tummy time with her.  One of my favorite times is to lay her out in the kitchen while I’m cooking breakfast. She’s only rolled over from tummy to back a few times this month so I keep waiting for her to roll more.  Still no rolling from back to stomach.  We officially packed up the swing and rock and play and the activity mat is about to go.  We also tried more carriers and I found some luck with the Sakurabloom ring sling.

Image 40

Activities: We did so much this month!

Brewfest: She did great.  Hung out with baby Lucas.

Image 27

4th of July in Gearhart.  She didn’t really care very much about her 1st parade.

Image 25 Image 29 Image 30 Image 31 Image 32 Image 33

Met “aunt” Stephanie who came out here from New York.  We had a great afternoon in the park with her, Jessie + Chase and Brittney + Briley.

Image 36

Had a playdate with Lucas and Elodie.

Image 35

Went to Bend for the weekend with two couples and their babies.  Garrity met Billy and hung out at some breweries.

Image 20 Image 21 Image 22

Went to the grand opening of Elizabeth Chambers cellars and met Ernie Kent.

Image 5 Image 7 Image 12

Went to a charity event and was amazing.  Didn’t cry the entire evening and was quite the charmer.

Image 4

Got a little backyard kiddie pool and loved it.

Image 45This month is another to chalk up in the record  books.  I often pinch myself and knock on wood because seriously, how did we get such a good baby??!!  A friend asked me the other day what the most surprising thing about motherhood was and my response was how easy it’s been.  I know we are so lucky and not everyone has experiences like ours but seriously.  Being Garrity’s mom has been the best and most natural thing ever.  I truely believe I was meant to be her mama.  It’s like the two of us just fit.  I should also point out that she loves her daddy and I can definitely see her becoming a daddy’s girl so I’m soaking up all these momma moments while I can.

20 weeks 2 20 weeks 3 20 weeks 6 20 weeks 7 Image 2 Image 6 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 14 Image 17 Image 18 Image 19 Image 23 Image 24 Image 26 Image 28 Image 37 Image 38 week 17 1 week 17 2 week 17 4 week 20

Summer days

Even though I’m back at work, I’m lucky enough to only be working 20 hours a week until Garrity starts daycare in September. It means we have a few more weeks of mama daughter time where we get days like today.

It’s sweltering in Portland. I swear this is the hottest summer of my entire life living in the Pacific NW and I am seriously melting. Thank goodness for our glorious back yard and the parts that get shaded around 5pm. Perfect for evenings like this.










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