Mama Love

My mom took these photos on August 27th (her 6th month birthday which I really will get around to talking about here).  They make me so happy.  These moments with my daughter are so special to me.  There is absolutely nothing better in this world than being her mom.

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Beach weekend

We had a great weekend at the beach soaking up the last rays of summer. It was crazy. It was 85 degrees at the beach on Saturday. 85 degrees! I don’t think I’ve ever been there when it’s been that hot.

We celebrated our anniversary at a Pacific Way and did a drive by the barn where we got married. Garrity also got some great quality time with her grandparents. I love that she already has such a great relationship with them.

And in between all of that, Garrity and I spent some quality time outside in the shade. My favorite moment was Saturday afternoon when she actually fell asleep with her hands on my arm.

These are the days. Seriously.

What did you do this weekend?

















4 years


4 years ago today I woke up (a little hungover), slowly crawled out of bed and peered out the window. The day I had been waiting for my whole life was finally here. And I was do worried about the weather. The Oregon coast in September was a risk. You didn’t quite know what you were going to get. Our plan had always been to get married outside but I had backup plans if that wasn’t going to work. But as I peeked through the window a huge wave of relief poured over me when I saw blue skies and sunshine. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Shortly after that (and after my maid of honor had to bring me breakfast because I was still feeling a little rough thanks to the night before festivities) I suddenly realized we forgot to set out the table name cards. We labeled mason jars with everyone’s names and that’s how they were going to find out where they were going to sit. All the other day of tasks had been assigned but this one so my MOH and I headed over to the barn to start arranging them.

I remember it was so cold in the barn. But the sun was streaming through the windows. And my mom was sweeping up all the hay. My dream wedding really was coming true. I was getting married in a barn that had hay.

And after that, everything becomes a bit blurry. I shower, all the girls go to my aunts house to get ready. We get to the barn, we take pictures. There was a minor snafu with the flower girl flowers. I remember the wedding party lining up and walking out the door, down the aisle in sets of 3. And then it was just my dad and I. And we walked out that door and down the aisle and my whole life changed forever…

Today Chris is in Asia. So this morning, instead of waking up next to my husband, I woke up next to Garrity. Our daughter. Our daughter! We have a daughter. Sometimes I still need to pinch myself to believe that she’s really ours. That those 1st steps down that aisle led us to right here. To being parents. To being a family. To being more in love.

Life is good. These 4 years have been nothing short of amazing. Every day I love Chris and Garrity more and more and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Happy anniversary Chris. I love you.


Labor Day 2014

We had a great Labor Day weekend.  We headed to Bend with Craig, Julia, Brian and his lady Melana.  We also spent some good quality time with Randi and Billy.  We hit up 10 Barrel, Crux, NW Crossing Farmer’s Market, La Rosa and went paddle boarding.  We also just relaxed around the house (and watched the Beav game which Garrity slept through).  It was great.  And Garrity was perfect.  This little girl continues to impress, surprise and amaze me.

It was a perfect way to end summer.  I can’t believe we’re already in September.  Time seriously flies.  PS can you believe Garrity turned 6 months old last week?  6 months!!!  I’ll do a full post after she has her 6 month check-up this week so we get all her stats.  And my little girl starts daycare tomorrow.  I’m sure she’ll do fine but I think her mama is going to have a tough time.  Think good thoughts for me.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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