1st Urgent Care Trip

Baby girl just can’t catch a break. Reflux and now this…she woke up from her afternoon nap yesterday and had a bunch of green stuff in her eye which was weird so then I started looking at it closer and her eye was super watery and then it started to get a little red/bloodshot looking. I watched it for an hour while googling before calling the dr who said it sounded like an eye infection but unfortunately they didn’t have any openings and to go to urgent care. Ug. I am so sick of drs offices.

Chris was in New York for work (yes, I managed to make it through my 1st night alone with her) but luckily my stepmom was on her way down from Seattle so I waited for her to get here, then we grabbed dinner and then we headed out.

Unfortunately Garrity was not happy at this point. She hadn’t been nursing very well and she hadn’t slept so you add that plus her eye and it was a recipe for a disaster. She screamed while we were there. Inconsolable screaming. I’d never seen her like that. The nurse was super concerned and kept checking for a fever which she didn’t have thank goodness (a fever in a baby under 3 months old is an automatic trip to the ER for a spinal tap to rule out sepsis).

We tried sugar water to calm her down and nothing. I tried nursing and she wouldn’t have it. It was then the dr said if she didn’t calm down they were sending us to the ER for blood/lab work that I tried nursing again and finally she latched on and drank and after that she was mostly calmed down. They diagnosed her with conjunctivitis and sent us home with a prescription for erythromycin and told me to follow up with my dr.

By this time it was 9, she was mostly calmed down so we drove over to the 24 hr rite aid to fill it but it was going to take an hour so we drove home, I fed her again and got her to sleep and my stepmom watched her while I drove back out and picked up her prescription.

We’ve now done two rounds of the ointment and I just tried some breastmilk in her eyes (heard that from a few friends) and now I’m chilling at the DMV to renew my license while my step mom watches her. She’s sleeping now but hopefully isn’t too fussy when she wakes up. The ointment is suppose to work within 3 days so I’m crossing my fingers.

This whole mom thing is so hard. It’s hard to watch my baby be in pain. It’s hard to know what’s the right course of treatment to take (I hate that she’s 7 weeks old and using antibiotics). It’s hard because I’m blaming myself for exposing Garrity to germs…I feel like I didn’t do a good enough job of protecting her..it’s just hard to know that I can’t fix her. .I know this is just one of many things like this I’ll have to endure and I keep hoping that all of this is making both of us stronger but man, it sucks to go through it.

Think good thoughts for my baby girl and let me know if you’ve ever tried the breast milk trick.




3 Responses to 1st Urgent Care Trip

  1. Andrea says:

    I’m so sorry mama. We were sent to Childrens ER when Ben was 16 days old because of a low grade fever…he had the spinal tap, catheter, blood draws and the whole bit…a two night stay that was overwhelming and depressing. It’s hard when they are this little and screaming/sick. :( I’m glad to see on IG that Garrity is feeling better today and I’m glad you have someone there to help.

    • Whitney Drew says:

      Oh man. So sorry you had to deal with it. I’m paranoid of the spinal tap. I don’t want her to grow up but I will be so happy when she makes it past the 3 month mark so I don’t have to worry about the mandatory ER trip.

  2. Kristina says:

    You’re doing great! Do not feel guilty, life happens and even if you kept Garrity in a bubble the universe would throw you a different curve ball. Parenting = Incredibly rewarding but tough sometimes.

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