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Hi, just wanted to check in because it seems as much as I plan to actually sit down at the computer to blog time gets away from me. So instead, I come to you while my daughter is sleeping on my chest and I am so hungry but really don’t want to get up and wake her up haha.

Just an update after my last post, her eyes seem to be just about 100%. I was super nervous about giving her the antibiotic gel so instead of giving it to her every 6 ours I only gave it to her morning and night Friday and Saturday and once on Sunday and Monday. In between, I put drops of breast milk in her eyes. Is that what I was suppose to do? Who knows. Did I contribute towards some sort of antibiotic immunity
by not giving her what the instructions said? Maybe. But it felt wrong so I didn’t do it. We also started her in zantac on Sunday. She hasn’t wanted to nurse as much and had been screaming and arching her back every time I fed her which are signs of reflux so we thought we’d give it a shot although ironically she hasn’t been vomiting or spitting up lately so maybe this has now turned into silent reflux? If only babies could talk right?

And now on top of all that she’s only pooping every other day and having massive blowouts and a ton of gas (could this be related to the Zantac?) Like I kid you not, this mornings was so bad that I might have to throw away her Jammies (which make me sad because they’re really cute ones). I know they say to move up diapers when they start blowing out but this is so much poop I don’t think anything could contain them. And because she’s been fussy about nursing I’ve started giving her a couple bottles of breastmilk which she had taken just fine which leads me to believe this is less of a reflux issue and more of a breastfeeding issue. So I’m meeting with a lactation consultant tomorrow.

So we have some stuff to figure out but in between this pooping/farting/eating confusion she is just the most precious little girl in the entire world. Her smiles and little sounds are just the cutest. I can’t believe she’s almost 2 months old already. This last month seriously flew! And no matter how hard things have been or how many tears I’ve cried trying to figure it out, being her mama is absolutely the best thing in the entire world!




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  1. We’ve been having feeding issues too. Seriously kid, you can’t just latch on and stay on?? So frustrating but so worth it

    • Whitney Drew says:

      I hear ya! I battled it out all day but I gave in tonight and gave her a bottle. Gulped it right down. Hopefully the lactation folks can help me figure out what’s going on.

  2. S. Webster says:

    I did the breast milk trick for a few different things when she was a little. It’s quite the miracle cure. Also great for little cuts and diaper rash. Wish I would have pumped more and kept that liquid gold around longer.

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